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What are crystals and how do they work?

by | Nov 20, 2022 | Crystals | 0 comments

Magical healing crystals

A question I get asked ALL the time! What are Crystals?

Hey guys so as you know we sell a few Crystals and as The Shetland Fairy grows, so does the Crystal collection. Hey, its Stacey here and I have always, since I can remember, loved crystals and I am currently in the middle of doing a crystal healing diploma.

So what are crystals?

Ok so I will explain this as simple as possible as it can get quite scientific. Basically, crystals are formed by natural alignments of minerals over time. A crystal’s appearance depends upon the natural characteristics of its type and the conditions in which it grows. This means that you can get a great variety of shapes, colours and properties. Some can even take thousands of years to form.

Because of the formation of how they are made up, it is structured in a way that an energy field is created within and around the crystal! How cool is that!? This means crystals are far more special than just any stone or pebble.

So this brings me on to how do crystals work?

Crystals work because of the energy they hold causes a piezoelectric effect, so if a crystal is rubbed, twisted or receives a physical blow it builds up a tiny electric charge within the crystal. The opposite is also true and if you were to place a crystal in an electric field, it will bend and flex in a minute way.

Cool fact: Quartz Crystal timepieces contain a quartz crystal in them to regulate an electronic oscillator used to keep a perfect time, and they are more accurate than clockwork watches with just gears.

When a crystal enters your aura, it can slightly change your aura slightly and this adds to the healing properties of crystals. Crystals do not harm the body. They bring solace and healing properties through the owners’ intentions and affirmations’ or your crystal healer. Please note if you have medical conditions, crystals should be used as a complimentary therapy and not a replacement for medical treatment.

crystal jewelleryCrystals can be placed in a room or on your body for example jewellery pieces. This way they are immersed in your personal energy field. Just pop one in your pocket, under your pillow when you sleep or I even know quite a few ladies who pop them in their bras! Hehehe whatever works and is comfortable for you. The longer you own a crystal the stronger it becomes. Setting intentions (focusing mental energy set by the person on a particular crystal) with your crystals can invigorate them with more energy.

Remember not all crystals are the same as they are made up of different elements and this is why we have all the different shapes, colours and sizes, this also means their properties are different because their energy will be different.

I hope all this makes sense and if you are sceptical or a complete non believer in crystals that’s fine, you can’t deny their pure, natural beauty!!

Have you seen the crystals I sell?

Check out my crystal cave! All crystals are ethically sourced as that’s something very important to me and The Shetland Fairy and each one is cleansed, charged and infused with Reiki prior to delivery.

If you want to ask us any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch and if you haven’t already, sign up to our newsletter, you’ll get 10% off your first order online and you get to stay in the loop with all our magical going ons here at The Shetland Fairy!

Take care and stay magical,

Stacey xXx

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