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Step into a magical realm and forget about your worries for a moment as you get lost into a wonder of text all about Shetland, how to improve your wellbeing and of course we have blogs on the mythical world of fairies and other creatures. As well as all the other spellbinding stuff that this universe has to offer.

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Erlkönig (Erlking)

Erlkönig (Erlking)

Have you heard of a Erlking? Do you know what or who it is? If not read on about one of the most famous male fairies. Let’s talk about the males of the fairy realm!  So, some whisper that these ethereal beings are dubbed "follies," while others argue that the fairy...

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What are crystals and how do they work?

What are crystals and how do they work?

A question I get asked ALL the time! What are Crystals? Hey guys so as you know we sell a few Crystals and as The Shetland Fairy grows, so does the Crystal collection. Hey, its Stacey here and I have always, since I can remember, loved crystals and I am currently in...

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Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker

Hey and welcome to Meet the Maker and how The Shetland Fairy came about. My name is Stacey, I created and run The Shetland Fairy. I am married and we have four beautiful children. When they are not drawing on the walls!! We live at North Roe in Shetland – It’s...

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A year in business with fairies

A year in business with fairies

Ok, so I should have done this blog post over three months ago. You know how life gets busy and all that, well it’s finally getting done! This blog is about my first year of experience in a crafty business. So here it goes…..MY FIRST BLOG!!! EEEEK! WOW! I never...

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needle felted blue fairies

Needle Felted Fairies

Possessing a touch of fantasy, we make charming needle felted fairies for your home which can be treasured for life.

needle felted worry muncher

Worry Munchers

These cute little creatures nestled between magical crystals help you deal with your worries.

Magical needle felted toadstools

Magic Toadstools

Toadstools that glow in all their magical glory. Perfect for a fairy garden or magical home.

Enchanted_Crystals from the crystal cave

Enchanted Crystals

Tuck away in your pocket or place in an environment to promote energetic balance and healing.


Pre loved treasures

A beautiful selection of second hand items that have been lovingly restored and brought back to life.

crystal jewellery

Crystal Jewellery

For your general health and wellbeing, as well as offering spiritual protection and energetic stability.

needle felting kits

Needle Felting Kits

Make a wish and bring the wool to life with your very own needle felting kit.

Feel good wellbeing boxes

Feel Good Boxes

Boxes of happiness all infused with reiki. These goodie boxes are a perfect pick me up.

Fairy gift cards

Fairy Gift Cards

Give the gift of fantasy and fun and buy your special someone a magical gift card.

Happy gifts and cards

Gifts & Cards

Hand-crafted greeting cards made with sustainable card and recycled materials.

about the shetland fairy

About Us

Learn all about the Shetland Fairy mission to spread the magic

shetland isles

Sustainable Shetland

How The Shetland Fairy is doing their bit for the wonderful world we live in.