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Chakra Earrings

Chakra Earring

when you wear these earrings, you can feel more connected to your physical and spiritual body! and they are beautiful!


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We believe each chakra is an energy centre within our bodies that have a physical and spiritual connection.

This balance is known as our energetic harmony and these stone earrings visually represent the seven chakras. The colour of the stones corresponds with each of the different energy centres so that when you wear these earrings, you can feel more connected to your physical and spiritual body!

Stones include hematite (root chakra),

carnelian (sacral chakra),

yellow jade (solar plexus chakra),

green aventurine (heart chakra),

lapiz lazuli (throat chakra),

amethyst (third eye chakra) and

clear quartz (crown chakra).


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3 in stock

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