Hello and welcome to The Shetland Fairy Gallery. Here are pictures of past and present makes. Please know that I can custom any fairy or enchanted item you'd like, you can order yours by clicking here. If you are not sure and want to ask me first, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 
daffodil flower fairy pink and grey fairy cute teddy bear crystal teddy bear fairy midnight look glitter star fairy blue hair and yellow dress fairy ginger butterfly fairy mini felted bumble bee Bumble bee fairy pink fairy keyring Butterfly fairy blue fairy keyring Christmas fairy bauble decoration personalised fairy with curly hair and white blues and greens hippie fairy  toadstool fairy in green dress pink fairy keyring green pocket pixie fairy world earth day fairy blue and greens purple fairy keyring yellow fairy keyring autumn fairy blue winter ice fairy curly black hair pink fairy keyring blue fairy keyring witch halloween fairy candy floss fairy  green fairy keyring christmas green fairy decoration scary ghost fairy for halloween halloween pumpkin fairy blue fairy with white curly hair candy cane fairy pastel purple fairy cadburys purple fairy pastel pink fairy sombre pink and blue fairy green christmas fairy decoration small snow bunny wicked witch decoration christmas fairy  personalised needle felted gift firework fairy gift glitter wings of a fairy felted poppies Poppy fairy glitter red dress fairy  blue blonde fairy blonde christmas fairy green fairy for christmas blue brunette fairy christmas decoraion blue dragon glitter sparkle fairy red fairy yellow and blue monster love heart fairy stand up fairy curly ginger fairy in white purple fairy decoration blue fairy decoration twin sisters fairy twins enchanted moose fairy rainbow fairy pride fairy glow in the dark toadstools purple and dark curly hair fairy sunflower fairy pale pink fairy sparkly fairy white dress fairy clear quartz worry muncher blonde and in blue fairy  sparkly wings and glitter christmas needle felted fairy  large fairy for christmas christmas angel angel fairy in blue glitter toadstools jingle elf cute headband on ginger hair fairy  cadburys glitter purple fairy  rainbow pride felted rainbow fairies pink plait  shetland sheep boho look fairy toadstool needle felted fairy  red toadstool keyring Fairy in a box beaitiful fairy gifts for adults and nursery decor bright orange pixie fairy gift handmade fairy gift waldorf fairy  Needle felted fairy gift beautiful handmade sunshine fairy  needle felted pocket pixie in presentation box fruit fairy yellow wool needle felted purple fairy gift toadstool fairy gift fuzzy fing hiding in shetland dizzy nosey bear from 80s bunny rabbit in blue keyring gift tortoise crystal druzy white unicorn  forest pixies xmas tree fairyfairy tree decoration