A year in business with fairies

Ok, so I should have done this blog post over three months ago. You know how life gets busy and all that, well it’s finally getting done! This blog is about my first year of experience in a crafty business. So here it goes…..MY FIRST BLOG!!! EEEEK!

WOW! I never thought when I started needle felting that I would turn my hobby into my dream business. The past fifteen months have been a rollercoaster! I’ve had super busy days where I’ve just worked none stop. I’ve had days where it’s been so quiet, my mind monkeys would come out to play and question everything about The Shetland Fairy, and wonder if you, my customer actually want what I offer. Then there are the days that are rare, the days that everything goes to plan and flows seamlessly, I like those days.

Custom needle felted nosey bear from 80s

I absolutely love the work I do and have hundreds of ideas and plans, unfortunately, because I hand make most of the things I sell, everything seems to take time and patience and if you know me, patience is NOT my strongest trait *hides face*. The emotions behind running this business have been uplifting and have boosted my confidence, but I won’t lie, they have also been so draining. There have been times I have just broken down and sobbed. Not just because of the overwhelming amount of pressure to be successful and the huge amount of work that comes with having a business. But because of all the other things such as housework, a social life, my four children, the animals, being a good wife, having to cook three meals a day every day. Just all the day to day bullsh*t. It’s hard going. So if you thought my business was just making pretty things and posting pics, oh boy are you wrong!

weight of the world a mothers love in spain a mothers love "Mother's Love" by Asociación Cultural Octubre de Torrelavega (Spain)

“Mother’s Love” by Asociación Cultural Octubre de Torrelavega (Spain)The weight on a mother’s shoulders is created into a piece of artwork. A mother who carries the Burden of her Child along with the household work!A sculpture with a powerful message!





Looking back I never thought it would be this much hard work. I’ve had businesses before, but I never put my heart and soul into it like I have done for The Shetland Fairy. I have learned so many new things. For example, I now know the meaning of SEO, Keywords, CTA and all the other boring business things. I even did my own website and sorted/changed some of the codings. It is actually crazy the number of things I have had to learn and learn pretty quickly in just one year of being in business. The thing is, I am sure there’s plenty more to learn. It’s safe to say, it’s not just making a fairy. There’s so much more to it and it all takes time!

toadstool fairy from the enchanted forest

Ok, this is starting to sound all doom and gloom. Let’s change the tone. I LOVE what I do. I absolutely love it and I love learning and keeping my mind fresh. I add all the little details such as hearts to my creations, even if you can’t see them, trust that they are there. I love bringing joy and happiness to people and making them smile. Plus I love that you are NEVER too old to believe in magic and fairy tales. I want everyone to know that magic is all around us, we ourselves are magic. Roald Dahl said it best

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

You can find magic everywhere, from a flower growing in the most unexpected of places, like the cracks in the pavements or it can be as big as the miracle birth of a child. It is EVERYWHERE so please don’t ever forget that. Adulting can suck at times, so come and escape reality with me and delve into the magic of The Shetland Fairy.

moths and butterflies a wildlife picture

To sum up – A year in business, it’s been tough, there’s been blood, sweat and tears, but I’ve met so many lovely people in person and online. I know I say this all the time on my social media accounts, but I am truly grateful for you all, I really am, you guys keep me going. You keep my flame burning for this dream. This year is just the beginning. So here’s to the next and I hope you continue to join me and the fairies here in Shetland.

Stay magical my friend,

Lots of love and fairy dust,

Stacey xXx

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