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About The Shetland Fairy

Hello From The Beautiful Shetland Isles

The Shetland Fairy is all about providing magic to grownups.

Life is so precious and it’s so easy to get bogged down by adult responsibilities. This sucks and so The Shetland Fairy is on a mission to spread a magical, whimsical world of positivity, playfulness and light-hearted joy through cute, handmade, reiki infused gifts.

All are lovingly handcrafted in the Shetland Islands and inspired by the myths, legends and folklore from this beautiful place not to mention the world of fantasy and a wild imagination.

From an empathetic maker who knows what it’s like to have those bad days and to be ill and whom wishes no one would have to experience those days and so The Shetland Fairy is here to spread love and kindness through their work.

As we say, it’s where the magic is felt.

Meet the Shetland Fairy

(maker extraordinaire of the fabulous & magical)

  • My name is Stacey, I am married and we have four beautiful children. When they are not drawing on the walls!!
  • We live in Ollaberry in Shetland – It’s blooming beautiful, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
  • I started needle felting as therapy to find me time and to find myself again, being a mummy can sometimes send you a bit off your personal goals in life.
  • I love all things magical and fantasy themed, it allows us to escape reality and enter the realms of our wonderful imagination.
  • Being fed up of not finding employment and needing something to work around us as a large family – The Shetland Fairy was created.

Being grownup, doesn’t mean you have to be sensible ALL the time!

shetland arts and crafts member


Rest assured that The Shetland Fairy are committed to providing a high customer satisfaction and to prove that, in 2020 they became a full member of The Shetland Arts and Crafts Association.

This means that The Shetland Fairy underwent a quality assessment so you can have peace of mind knowing that our items are of the highest standards as we had to:

  • demonstrate an original approach to the styling of our craft,
  • a thorough understanding and mastery of the materials we use,
  • a consideration to the presentation of our products to enhance and protect them
  • and that we maintain a consistent high quality throughout.

I think all our five star reviews backs this up.

we have partnered with ecologi to plant a tree with every order
biodegradable packaging


Not only are The Shetland Fairy all about spreading kindness and quality but we are very conscious of our carbon footprint.

We now plant a tree with every online order through our partnership with Ecologi and we also supply seeds with our fairies (UK only) to give nature a helping hand. Let’s face it, flowers always brighten up a space.

All our packaging is recyclable and biodegradable. So you can chuck it in your compost and within weeks it will break down just like leaves.

Learn more about creating a sustainable Shetland here

needle felted blue fairies

Needle Felted Fairies

Possessing a touch of fantasy, we make charming needle felted fairies for your home which can be treasured for life.

needle felted worry muncher

Worry Munchers

These cute little creatures nestled between magical crystals help you deal with your worries.

Magical needle felted toadstools

Magic Toadstools

Toadstools that glow in all their magical glory. Perfect for a fairy garden or magical home.

Enchanted_Crystals from the crystal cave

Enchanted Crystals

Tuck away in your pocket or place in an environment to promote energetic balance and healing.


Pre loved treasures

A beautiful selection of second hand items that have been lovingly restored and brought back to life.

crystal jewellery

Crystal Jewellery

For your general health and wellbeing, as well as offering spiritual protection and energetic stability.

needle felting kits

Needle Felting Kits

Make a wish and bring the wool to life with your very own needle felting kit.

Feel good wellbeing boxes

Feel Good Boxes

Boxes of happiness all infused with reiki. These goodie boxes are a perfect pick me up.

Fairy gift cards

Fairy Gift Cards

Give the gift of fantasy and fun and buy your special someone a magical gift card.

Happy gifts and cards

Gifts & Cards

Hand-crafted greeting cards made with sustainable card and recycled materials.

about the shetland fairy

About Us

Learn all about the Shetland Fairy mission to spread the magic

shetland isles

Sustainable Shetland

How The Shetland Fairy is doing their bit for the wonderful world we live in.